United Nations/ Turkey/ APSCO Conference on Space Law and Policy

United Nations/ Turkey/ APSCO Conference on Space Law and Policy

Hosted by the Government of Turkey

Co-organized by TUBITAK Space Technologies Research Institute, 

Turkish Space Agency and Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization 

Istanbul, Turkey

23- 26 September 2019


Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO), as the Multilateral Inter-Governmental Organization, provides a platform for cooperative activities and capacity building in Member States in the field of space law and policy. For this purpose, APSCO has two established ‘Exchange Platforms’: ‘APSCO International Symposium’ and ‘APSCO Space Law & Policy Forum’ organized alternately on biennial bases. This year, APSCO will collaborate with UNOOSA and one of APSCO Member States, Turkey to organize the Conference on Space Law and Policy in Istanbul on 23-26 September 2019.

International and regional cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space helps to bring the benefits of space technology applications to a wide circle of stakeholders, both governmental and non-governmental, and to intensify and diversify national space programmes. Policy and regulatory frameworks at the national, regional and international levels are of paramount importance for providing the necessary basis for States, particularly developing countries, to meet development goals and address challenges to sustainable development. In this connection, it is necessary to continue to strengthen the linkages between international space law and the conduct of space activities.

In today’s world where the number of actors that engage in space activities increases every day, it is of the utmost importance to ensure that all actors comply with the requirements of international space law in developing international and regional space cooperation. This important collective understanding constitutes the basis for this year’s conference.

The successful implementation and application of the international legal framework governing space activities depend on the understanding and acceptance of that framework by policymakers and decision makers. The availability of professionals who can provide suitable legal advice and disseminate information and knowledge about space law, in particular in developing countries, depends on the availability of adequate education opportunities in space law and policy.

This Conference will be held in order to promote adherence to the five United Nations treaties on outer space and to assist States in building their capacity in space law, and thus help them to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.


“United Nations/ Turkey/ APSCO Conference on Space Law and Policy”, shall be organized on 23-26 September 2019 in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Following it online: 



Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Ayaza?a Campus, Süleyman Demirel Cultural and Convention Center 


Targeted Audience and Expected participants

The Conference is being planned for a total of 200 participants including decision- and policy-makers from national space agencies, governmental bodies, experts from the space community, private sector representatives, researchers/students from academia that are involved in space activities, representing developing and developed nations from all economic regions, space law and policy executives from APSCO Member States.

Through this Conference, the participants would be able to share the corresponding developments in national space law and policy, and exchange views on legal issues related with national/regional space activities. In this connection, APSCO would like to invite participants from APSCO Member States, as well as other countries to share their profound experiences and valuable thoughts and insights in this conference. 


The objectives of the Conference will be as following:

(a)Promote understanding, acceptance and implementation of the United Nations treaties and principles on outer space;

(b)Promote exchange of information on national space legislation and policies for the benefit of professionals involved in national space activities

(c)Consider the contribution of space law to economic and social development, and the use of space-derived geospatial data for sustainable development;

(d)Consider trends in and challenges to international space law;

(e)Consider mechanisms for increasing regional and international cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space;

(f)Consider the development of university-level studies and programmes in space law, with a view to promoting national expertise and capacity in this field.

(g)Discuss novel areas in which international space law could provide potential legal models to balance divergent interests of States

Preliminary Programme 

The Conference will provide an overview of the legal regime governing the peaceful uses of outer space, address transparency and confidence-building measures in outer space activities, examine and compare various contemporary legal issues arising from the technology advancement, and discuss different aspects of space law and policy. The following thematic sessions will be held:

1.Promoting responsible, peaceful and safe use of outer space

2.Long-term sustainability of outer space activities 

3.Legal regime of outer space and global governance

4.National legal and policy frameworks related to outer space activities

5.Best practices in sharing remote sensing data to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

6.Strengthening capacity-building in space law and policy

An optional sight-seeing tour will be scheduled to cover main cultural and historical landmarks of Istanbul. In order to participate in this tour a scanned copy of the participant's passport shall be submitted, after receiving official invitation letter to the event.

Working Methods 

The Conference will mainly comprise presentations followed by questions and answers. Participants are expected to submit an abstract on the topics of the Conference in English, with a maximum of 400 words including the following details: Paper Title, Author Name, Affiliation, and e-mail address of the Speaker from the topics listed above. Submitted abstracts will be evaluated by the organizers on the basis of technical quality taking into account the need for equitable geographical and gender representation at the event to reflect broad range of opinions. Number of selected abstracts will be invited for oral presentation.

Please note that changes to the presentations may be requested by Moderators to facilitate discussions.

The presentations made at the Conference will be published on the website of the Office for Outer Space Affairs (www.unoosa.org) after the Conference.

Important dates to remember for APSCO sponsored and nominated participants are:

a.Nomination                                            10 July, 2019

b.Submission of abstracts and Deadline for registration         30 July, 2019

c.Conference                              23-26 September 2019

Sponsorship of the Forum

The Secretariat of APSCO will sponsor TWO participants, nominated by the Member States of APSCO, who will be reimbursed the direct economy class round trip air ticket from their country to Istanbul, Turkey and provide accommodation (maximally Five nights), local transportation and hospitality during the event. The nominated participants shall be required to submit an abstract of presentation on the preliminary programme listed above. More participants from Member States or other countries are encouraged to attend this conference at their own expense/sponsorship. 


The working language of the Conference will be in English. No interpretation service will be provided.


All participants shall fill in the Registration Form attached herewith by 10th July 2019 and send by e-mail to Ms. Peggy (peiqin@apsco.int), the Contact Person from APSCO. 

On account of the conference is co-organized by UNOOSA, all participants shall also be required to register by themselves through UNOOSA website before 30th July 2019.


Contact Person:

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