Announcement of 2021 International Sky Fest-TUA

TUBITAK National Sky Fest, the most comprehensive sky festivities of Turkey, was planned to be hosted for the first time with international exhibitors in 2020. The Sky Fest organized by the TUBITAK National Observatory (TUG), was canceled due to Covid-19 epidemic measures.


As TUA, we are pleased to announce that The Sky Fest will be held in a hybrid format this year between 12-15 August in Saklıkent, 2000 meters high, close to the TUBITAK National Observatory (TUG) Bakırlıtepe Campus, Antalya.


Open to all astronomical enthusiasts from 7 to 77, this event is primarily aimed at bringing participants together with professional and amateur astronomers. During the festival, there will also be various seminars on astronomy, observations with telescopes to learn the sky and celestial bodies, visits to TUBITAK National Observatory, workshops, company exhibitions and various competitions.


Please kindly refer to the links for more detailed information.

International Sky Fest 2021

Sky Fest Program


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