Education and Traing Center

In the same perspective of enhancing the learning capacities within the Member States, APSCO has been developing this network as an online mode of delivering education and training to the Member States. APSCO has established Education and Training Center (ETC) and build the network among its Member States for opening up education resources in the Member States. In this connection, a distance education ‘hub’ has been established at the APSCO Headquarter (HQ) and it was connected to the APSCO Education and Training Sub-centers called ‘nodes’ which are located in the APSCO Member States.

APSCO ETC set up multiple teaching bases in Universities and Research Institutes of Member States which are under the integrated management of ETC. The teaching bases have responsibilities of providing facilities and conditions to support various training projects, education and training programs under the unified arrangement of APSCO ETC. Simultaneously, ETC establish multiple practical bases in the corresponding universities and Research Institutes of Member States to assist relevant projects and programs. Both bases are established in participating Academic facilities of Member States as connection points among Member States. These connection points are managed under the leadership of ETC and connected by internet. The infrastructure of such network is sponsored by each local government of Member States.

Education Resource Network Development

Each year APSCO organizes short duration training course relating to space science, technology and applications. Long term Master and PhD programs on Space Technologies and Application are also a regular feature in APSCO Education and Training Activities.

Capacity building programs of APSCO have always been support by Member States and the Secretariat is trying to improve and enrich these programs through cooperation among all Member States.
Developing Space Curricula as a reference for education and training activities and training activities and in particular for increasing the depth and breadth of degree education in Member States has been under consideration by the Secretariat for the last couple of years. APSCO had organized two meetings to discuss this new initiative with the professors and experts from all Member States.

The 1st Expert Group Meeting (EGM) of APSCO Space Education Curricula Development Project was held on April 25-27, 2016 jointly with UN affiliated Regional Center for Space Science and Technology Education in Asia and Pacific (RCSSTEAP) at APSCO Headquarters, Beijing, China. The meeting was aimed at discussing the current status of Space Education in Member States (MS) and their demands and requirements. About 16 distinguished delegates, professors and experts from universities of the Member States nominated by their respective countries and officials from APSCO Secretariat attended the meeting.

The second Working Group Meeting (WGM) of APSCO Space Education and Curricula Development was held jointly with Beihang University/APSCO Education and Training Center during 7-10 November in Chengdu, China. More than 24 distinguished delegates, professors and experts from APSCO Member States, officials from Bureau of Tianfu New Area and officials from APSCO Secretariat actively participated in the meeting. Experts from Member States made agreement on Minutes of Meeting and proposed establishing APSCO University Alliance to promote experts and students’ exchange among alliance members and also joint research programs and proposed alliance members should work together on developing space curricula, textbooks, scientific journals and etc.

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