APSCO International Symposium

APSCO's International Symposium

In order to improve the space resources usage in the Asia-Pacific Region, to get common understanding on space technology and applications development amongst the Member States and extend to a wider range, the APSCO’s Symposium aims to encourage the experts and specialists through open, voluntaryparticipation to share the information and exchange the views on differentspace aspects.  8 International Symposiums was held in Thailand, Pakistan, China, Indonesia, Turkey Bangladesh, Peru.

1st : “Space Cooperation forthe Asia-Pacific Region” - July 2009, Thailand

2nd: "Food Security and Monitoring of Agriculture Through Satellite Technology"- September 2010, Pakistan

3rd: "Earthquake Monitoring and Early Warning by Using Space Technology and its Applications" - September 2011, China

4th:" Communication Satellite Technology and Applications" - November 2012, Indonesia

5th: "Satellite Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) Development in the Asia-Pacific Region" - October 2013, Turkey

6th: "Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Technology and Applications" - November 2014, Bangladesh

7th: "Telemedicine in Asia-Pacific Region" - November 2015, China

8th: "Space Technology and Applications"- October 2016, Peru

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