Message from Secretary-General

Respected Council Members of APSCO;

International Partners;

My dear colleagues and friends

It is a matter of prestige for me that the Council of APSCO has honored me with their appreciation and overwhelmed me with their trust by selecting and commissioning me as the new Secretary-General of APSCO for the period of November 2020- October 2025. Please allow me to express my deepest gratitude to you all as you have entrusted to my leadership this important organization. 

I have known and worked with APSCO for many years and I take this as a great opportunity to be closer to APSCO and contribute in its development further. APSCO, as the non-profit international intergovernmental organization, is of great importance to promote the peaceful uses in space science, space technology and its application in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond, and provides a cooperative mechanism for developing countries in this region to be able to utilize peaceful exploration of space for promoting sustainable social economic development. By adhering to the principle of mutual benefits and complementariness, equal-footed consultations and development to improve the capability of APSCO Member States, APSCO focuses on capacity building for its Member States in the research and development of space technology and its application to narrow down the gap in the progression of space development and utilization.

Guided by APSCO Convention and the APSCO Development Vision 2030, I will stick to in-depth international exchanges and cooperation in outer space and promoting the development of space industry on the basis of sharing resources and common achievement by joint efforts, the acquisition and sharing of space technology for further development of international cooperation. Utilizing my rich working experience with governments and international organizations, accumulated in my previous working years, I would strive my best to immensely benefit the cooperation between APSCO and international partners and its development in the future. 

Let me furthermore share with you all the firm belief that I have to bring solutions and innovative way to keep activities going on at APSCO, despite the difficulties we face today due to COVID-19 and despite the crises that beset us, working together and supporting each other is the only solution. I ensure all my sincerity in leading the Secretariat to improve internal and external processes and procedures and contribute more to our work for serving Member States better. 

I look forward to work with you all and wish a bright future for APSCO!

Yu Qi


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