Message from Secretary-General of APSCO

Asia-PacificSpace Cooperation Organization (APSCO), established in 2008 is completing a decade space cooperation in 2018. Thanks to an over whelming spirit of cooperation among its Member States, active collaboration with the United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) and wealth of knowledge shared by international space-related Organizations, Universities, Institutionsand partnering entities; and above all, the hard work of the Secretariat. APSCO is smoothly steering its course towards attaining its objectives, as stipulatedin the APSCO Convention.

APSCO Secretariat, duly guided by APSCO Council, has efficiently utilized pooled up financial, technological and human resources from the Member States, to augment the collective benefit of space science, space technology and its applications for the socio-economic development in the Member States. APSCO has a distinct advantage of diversity in geography. The space potential of this vast geographic spread is tappedwith the help of APSCO’s Six ‘Cooperative Networks’. Aiming to expand the baseof cooperation to share the benefits of space technology and its applicationswith the two-third of the world’s population across the entire Asia-Pacificregion, APSCO strives to further strengthen these Networks for tangible cooperative gains by all Member States. APSCO Secretariat has formalized education and training for a comprehensive capacity-building in the Member States. Knowledge-sharing platforms, organized in the alternate years, are alsoa regular feature of APSCO.

APSCO, has systematically progressed to work closely with the UNOOSA; space agencies;international space-related Organizations, Institutions, and Universities tocontribute in its endeavors. APSCO is also well organized to augment theefforts of international space community directed towards better spacegovernance and achieving SPACE2030 Agenda.

Approaching the tenth year of its establishment, Secretariat of APSCO, has compiled its ten-year achievements and accomplishments which is a commendable effort. Concurrently, the APSCO website has also been upgraded, bringing more visibility to APSCO Member States on the progress on its cooperative programs and projects and updates on routine activities of the Secretariat.

I wish APSCO, all the success in its endeavors to bring more and more benefits of space science and technology applications to its Member States in particular, and the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

As an inter-government space cooperation Organization, APSCO has already developed into a family of eight full Member States namely Bangladesh, China, Iran, Mongolia, Pakistan, Peru, Thailand and Turkey; one Signatory State, Indonesia;one Associate Member, Egypt and an Observer State, Mexico. Space is a global common, and APSCO envisions acommunity of shared future through space cooperation.

I extend my sincere invitation to the countries in Asia-Pacific region to contribute towards building this community of shared future with joint efforts. I believe, the vastness of space with its hidden mysteries warrant intense global cooperation and pooling up resources for spaceactivities. The more Member States join hands to form a larger family, the more efficiently we use and share space resources and achieve greater benefits for the region and the mankind.

I wish an even greater success to the Organization.

Dr. Li Xinjun

Secretary-General of APSCO


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