APSCO delegation attended the 57th session of the legal sub-committee of the United Nations Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space UNCOPUOS

The57th Session of the Legal Subcommittee of the United Nations Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UNCOPUOS) was held from April 9-20, 2018,at Vienna, Austria. APSCO delegation led by Mr. Nasir Mahmood, Director Generalof External Relations and Legal Affairs Department, participated in thesubcommittee. On April 16, speaking on behalf of APSCO, Mr. Nasir Mahmood presentedstatement during the Agenda Item-4: General Exchange of Views. He made anannouncement apprising the Sub-Committee on the prestigious APSCO’s 10thAnniversary High-Level Forum and 9th International Symposium to beheld during 14-16 November 2018; with a dynamic theme: “Community of SharedFuture through Space Cooperation”. He also extended warm invitation to allMembers of the Committee to attend the landmark events of APSCO in Beijing,China.

Mr.Nasir also emphasized that APSCO is constantly striving to buildinginstitutional capacity in the field of Space Law & Policy in its MemberStates in accordance with United Nations resolutions, space-related treaties,principles and other instruments. APSCO’s Vision for the next decade wasrightly aligned to the endeavors of the international space community towardsUNISPACE+50 and SPACE2030. The statement attracted attention from a number of delegatesincluding the Chair of the Sub-Committee.

Duringthe Subcommittee session, APSCO delegation met with the delegates from manycountries and exchanged views with delegates from non-member States of APSCO aswell as other space-related international organizations to jointly exploreavenues of cooperation on peaceful uses of outer space.

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