The System CDR of SSS-1/SSS-2A and PRR/PDR of SSS-2B Meeting of the APSCO Student Small Satellite Project

16-25 April, 2018 – Ankara,Turkey


The System Critical Design Review (System CDR) Meeting of SSS-1Microsatellite and SSS-2A CubeSat, and the Preliminary Requirement Review (PRR)/ Preliminary Design Review (PDR) Meeting of SSS-2B CubeSat of the APSCOStudent Small Satellite (SSS) Project were held during 16-25 April, 2018 at Ankara,Turkey. The delegation from eight Member States namely Bangladesh, China, Iran,Mongolia, Pakistan, Peru, Thailand and Turkey actively participated in theMeeting.

The meeting was chaired by Dr. Mohammad Ebrahimi Seyedabadi, Direct-Generalof the ET&DM Department of APSCO. More than 40 delegates from APSCO MemberStates (MS) including the Program Management Board (PMB) members,the Program Management Team (PMT) members, the project leading universities andinstitutions, the Secretariat of APSCO and invited experts, participated in thisreview activity.


A total of 17 (seventeen) SSS-1 CDR documents, 15 (fifteen) SSS-2A CDRdocuments, 10 (ten) SSS-2B PRR documents and 17 (seventeen) SSS-2B PDRdocuments were circulated by APSCO Secretariat and reviewed before the meetingby the PMB Members, the PMT Members, the invited consultant and MS’s experts,independently. By reviewing the required documents, in total, 335 (threehundred and thirty five) Review Item Discrepancies (RIDs), raised by the membersof the Review Board were sorted and all major RIDs and their clarifications bythe SSS-1, SSS-2A and SSS-2B teams were presented in detail during the meeting,and more than 40 (forty) open RIDs left from last meeting were also reviewedand clarified by responsible MS. Besides document review and discussion, thefrequency application, ground station supporting system, mission successcriteria and launch opportunity allocation were fully discussed, most of theconcerns were resolved after exchange of views, and the future vision of the projectwas consolidated further by comments raised among MSs. Besides technical reviews,the arrangement of the Second Summer Camp which is going to be organized duringthis summer in Turkey was deliberated upon, based on more than three proposalsby MSs.


The Meeting was successfully concluded and the actionplan of 2018 was agreed by all MSs. On the closing of meeting, the Director of theScientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey-Space Technologies ResearchInstitute (TUBITAK-UZAY), Dr. Lokman Kuzu, expressed his sincere thanks to allMSs’ support and shared his best wishes to the SSS Project. The expertsexpressed their gratitude to APSCO and TUBITAK-UZAY for their hospitality andefficiency during the Meeting.

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