APSCO Training Course on Satellite Communication Technology and Operations

7-12 May, 2018

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia



The Secretariat of APSCOorganized the 'APSCO Training Course on Satellite Communication Technology andOperations' jointly with theCommunications and Information Technology Authority of Mongolia (CITA) from 7to 12 May 2018 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.  

The training aimed to provideboth an overview and a sound technical/academic basis of communicationsatellite; imparting the trainees with essential space project andcommunication satellite engineering knowledge; giving them a concept ofsatellite system engineering, mission analysis, satellite application,satellite orbits and frequency regulations for geostationary satellite system;making them more proficient in satellite application technology, understandingof the mechanism of Teleport, VSAT, DTH TV, and other modern technology bycommunication satellite. 

The opening ceremony of the trainingwas held on the morning of May 7, 2018 at the IT Park of Ulaanbaatar and wasattended by the invited VIPs including Mr. B. Chinbat, Chairman of APSCO  Council and Chairman of CITA, Dr. Mohammad EbrahimiSeyedabadi, Director General of Department of Education and Training andDatabase Management of APSCO, Mr. D. Batbayar, Director of Communication andPostal Policy Planning Department of CITA, Mr. Ts.Gantugs- Director ofSatellite Communication Division of CITA, Mrs. B.Binderiya- Director of ForeignRelation Division of CITA and invited officials and professors. Mr. Chinbataddressed welcome speech in the opening ceremony on behalf of APSCO and CITA.  

A total of 51 participants fromAPSCO Member States actively participated in the training course. The trainingcourse was successfully concluded on May 11, 2017. The participants of thetraining session expressed their satisfaction over the content of the courseand arrangement of technical and culture visits. Advises and suggestions weregiven for improvement of the content, course objectives and teaching quality.At the end of the closing ceremony, the course completion certificates wereawarded to the participants jointly by the Organizers.

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