The Second Expert Group Meeting on Feasibility Study of APOSOS Project Phase II

The Second Expert Group Meeting (EGM) on the Feasibility Study Report of APOSOS Project Phase II was organized during 28-29 June, 2018 in Beijing, China. Experts from Bangladesh, China, Mongolia, Pakistan, Peru, Thailand and Turkey attended this Meeting.
Dr. Li Xinjun, Secretary-General of APSCO, gave a welcome speech on behalf of the Secretariat. He welcomed all the participants and in order to make the implementation plan in the feasibility study report of this second phase plausible and realizable, he proposed a 3C Principle, namely, Compatibility, Comprehensiveness and Crowd-funding as a guideline to the finalization of the Feasibility Study Report.
Dr. Manop Aorpimai, Director General, Strategic Planning and Program Management Department of APSCO, was selected as the Chairman of the meeting. The session went on smoothly and successfully accomplished all its predefined objectives. The updated feasibility study report is planned to be proposed to the upcoming APSCO Administrative Heads Meeting for their consideration. The delegates from all Member States appreciated the efforts of the Secretariat and the Leader of the Project Feasibility Study, the Space Debris Observation and Data Application Center (SDOAC), for successfully organizing the 2nd EGM.

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