The Second Summer Camp of APSCO SSS Project is running in full wing

The Summer Camp is an associated activity of APSCO Student Small Satellite Project, which is carried out annually by APSCO since 2017. The Second Summer Camp kicked off on July 30, 2018 in Ankara Turkey. This activity is organized by APSCO, hosted by Middle East Technical University (METU) and supported by TUBITAK-UZAY.

Following the opening ceremony and the introduction on design and manufacturing status of SSS-2B CubeSat on July 30, the courses started in sequence for “finite element modeling lecture” given by Prof. Dr. Ercan Gürses, “Experimental Modal Analysis Lecture” given by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Melin Şahin, “Embedded Systems Lecture” given by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Uluç Saranl from METU;  “Launch and Space Environment Lecture” given by Dr. Cevher Levent Ertürk, “Cummunication System Testing Lecture” given by Dr. Volkan Akan and Dr. RaşitTutgun, “Thermal Cycle Lecture” given by Mr.Mustafa Türkmenoğlu from TUBITAK-UZAY ; and “Assembly Integration and Test Lecture” given by Mr. Zheng Xiaofeng from Changguang Satellite Technology Coorporation. Until now, the courses had given detailed information and knowleadge of satellite Assembly, Integration and Testing, mechanical and structure analysis, electrical interfaces and thermal analysis for subsystem design analysis and test. 


In order to maximize the effectiveness of the courses, a large number of experiments for students’ hands-on training were carried out in the aerospace laboratory. On August 1, the ANSYS workbench and its applications in FEM was taught to the students in laboratory; students were divided into eight groups so that they could have sufficient time and opportunity to follow the instructions and solve example problems given by the lecturer using the commercial FEM package ANSYS.


On August 2, Assoc. Prof. Dr melin Sahin introduced the laboratory experiments for the vibration of spacecraft subsystems; the hands-on experimental testing took place on August 3 for every eight groups of participants. Through the whole days’ training with the testing equipment and system, the participants received the knowledge on structural vibrations by putting particular emphasize on the real application of experimental techniques in vibration measurements, the detailed content include: test planning, structure preparation and practical use of excitation equipment, recording and analysis of data; practical use of transducers and sensors, recording and analysis of data; modal testing and analysis of beam, plate and shell-like structures.



The laboratory session for embedded system lecture was carried out on the afternoon of August 7 following the lectures and participants got the chance to learn little bits of assembly code and C programming essentials used in microcontrollers, which means participants gained a better understanding of most low-level components underlying embedded subsystems within larger data acquisition and communication systems through the self operation on the facilities.

While studying hard, trips to various prestigious locations were arranged during weekend. 

1. Technical visiting to Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI)

On Saturday, the delegation of the Second Summer Camp visited the satellite assembly, intergration and test labs of TAI, which is an important aerospace industry of Turkey. During this valuable visiting opportunity, the introductory presentation of satellite AIT in every phase and testing facilities and procedures were shown by TAI engineers; all participants got the chance to see the functions of these facilities and how spacecraft parts are assembled and tested, and had deep understanding of AIT process. 

2. Cultural Visit in Ankara City

The colorful cultural visit of Ankara City had been arranged during weekend. Participants are led to parliament house, old city of Ankara and museum, the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. 



During the last week of the Summer Camp, the Attitude Control Lecture and experiment will be given by Iranian professor Dr. Mehran Mirshams from K.N. Toosi University of Technology. He along with his mentors will bring the related facilities and testing equipments for participants to have detailed hands-on labotory class with ADCS models in each group. Moreover, Satellite Attitude Determination lecture, Power System lecture and Space Environment and Radiation Testing Demonstration would be given before participants’ conculding presentations, which is the final assisment of each MS group to summerize the three weeks’ study.

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