The APSCO 9th International Symposium was successfully organized in BeijingChina

The APSCO 9th International Symposium with the theme of “Developing Next-Generation Aerospace Innovative Talents through Space Cooperation” in cooperation with the Northwestern Polytechincal University (NPU) of China was successfully organized on November 15 - 16 in Beijing, China.

APSCO International Symposium is one of the most prominent activities of the APSCO Secretariat since 2009. It provided a forum where representatives of different countries shared their knowledge and experiences in Space Technology and Education.

The APSCO 9th International Symposium was organized and addressed important hot topics such as following:
1. New Demands and Trends of Cultivating Aerospace Innovative Talents
2. Developing College Students’ Capability of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
3. Developing Aerospace Innovative Talents’ Practical Ability
4. Developing Next-Generation Aerospace Innovative Talents through Space Cooperation

The opening ceremony of the Symposium was held on Nov 15, 2018 at the Great Hall in St. Regis Hotel and was attended and addressed by invited VIPs including Mr. Feng Changhui, Director General of MIIT, China,Dr. Wang Jinsong, President of Northwestern Polytechnical University, China,Dr. Jean-Yves Gall, President of the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) and the European Space Agency (ESA).

Dr. Li Xinjun, Secretary General of APSCO, welcomed all participants to the Symposium and encouraged all countries and Space involved organizations and institutes in the world, as well as partners around the world, to take an active part in these endeavors, and indicated that to develop space talents, APSCO shall try to establish closer cooperation relationship with more top space agencies and organizations, and hope to make full use of such cooperation advantageous expert resources under the principle of peaceful uses of outer space to benefit Member States and developing countries.

Mr. Feng Changhui expressed that China will conscientiously implement the responsibilities as a host country, actively support the work of the APSCO, including cultivating next generation of aerospace talents, and engage more stakeholders in the cooperation, stick to the principle of open and sharing, eventually, make people of Asia-Pacific region benefited and developed together.

Dr. Wang Jinsong expressed that APSCO and NPU has signed “APSCO-NPU Development Base for Aerospace Talent”. The Base will provide and implement diversified programs for cultivating aerospace innovative talents, also provide platforms for trainings, academic exchange and cooperation among universities of APSCO member states and member units of “the Belt and of Road Aerospace Innovation Alliance” (BRAIA).
To consolidate more resources for benefit of APSCO Member States with approval of APSCO Council, the “Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between International Astronautical Federation (IAF) and Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO)” and “Protocol between the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO)” were signed which firmed the partner relationship with IAF, and tighten the bonds with ESA, sister organization of APSCO.

The Symposium was actively attended by more than 100 participants from Bangladesh, Belgium, China, France, Germany, India, Iran, Mongolia, Pakistan, Peru, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, the UK and the USA. During the Symposium, total 35 selected papers, including 6 keynote presentations and 4 APSCO success stories have been presented by participants covering topics mentioned above. The Symposium enjoyed a very rich agenda and a splendid collection of scientists and visionaries sharing their views and research outcomes with an enthusiastic audience.

The closing ceremony was organized successfully on Nov 16, 2018, and Dr. Zhang Fuli, representative of Northwestern Polytechincal University (NPU) gave the closing speech on the closing ceremony, expressing his satisfaction and delight with the great success of the symposium; Dr. Mohammad Ebrahimi Seyedabadi as the chair of the organizing committee gave the closing speech and appreciated all efforts and hard work by presenters and organizers for helping organize a very successful symposium.

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