APSCO Secretary-General Visited Member State Peru

On 24-26 April 2019, the Secretary-General of APSCO, Dr. Li Xinjun visited Peruvian Space Agency (CONIDA) and relevant authorities in Lima, Peru. On 24th of April, the CEO of CONIDA, Major General Javier Martin Tuesta Marquez received the deletion. Dr. Li Xinjun congratulated his new assumption on this position, and strengthened the importance of Peru in APSCO. The acting Director-General of Department of External Relations and Legal Affairs made a comprehensive introduction of APSCO activities. Major General Marquez believe that, APSCO platform may help Peru with its capacity building in the field of space technology and application.

In the following days, Dr. Li Xinjun also had official meetings with Mr. Vitaliano Gallardo Valencia, the Director-General for International Affairs of Ministry of Defense; and Ambassador Mr. Roberto Seminario Portocarrero, the Director-General of Sovereignty, Boundaries and Antarctic Affairs of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Both authorities emphasized that, Peru gave full recognition to APSCO and will make continuously effort to the success of the organization. Discussions on issues of mutual interests was conducted among the parties.

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