Experts Group Meeting on the Preliminary Design Report of “APSCO Joint SMMS Constellation Program”

The Expert Group Meeting (EGM) on the Preliminary Design Report of the “APSCO Joint SMMS Constellation Program” was held in Shanghai, China, during 24-27 June, 2019. Experts and official delegates from all APSCO Member States, the Project Management Board, and the Project Management Team from APSCO Secretariat and the Project Leader participated in the meeting. The main aim of this meeting is to finalize the Preliminary Design Report and draft the proposal for the next-phases implementation of the Program. 

In the meeting, chaired by Dr. Manop Aorpimai, Director-General of SP&PM Department of APSCO, the Preliminary Design Report of the “APSCO Joint SMMS Constellation Program”, drafted by the project leader, China Earth Observation System and Data Center (CHEOS), China National Space Administration (CNSA), was intensively reviewed and discussed by the experts. As the final outcome, the proposal for next phase implementation of the Program has been summarized. There are 5 options proposed, namely, the Baseline Proposal on sharing data from the in-orbit satellites constellation both contributed by China and other Member States; Option 1 on networking the ground stations in all Member States; Option 2 on joint development of the DCS satellite; Option 3 on joint development of high-resolution satellite, and Option 4 joint development of hyper-spectral satellite. 

The EGM agreed to submit the Preliminary Design Report to the upcoming Administrative Heads Meeting for consideration and recommendation to the APSCO Council Meeting for decision.  

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