The Critical Design Review CDR Meeting of APSCO Student Small Satellite SSS Project

21-29 August, 2019
 Beijing, China

The Critical Design Review Meeting of APSCO SSS Project was held during 21-29 August, 2019 in Beijing, China. The delegation from eight Member States namely Bangladesh, China, Iran, Mongolia, Pakistan, Peru, Thailand and Turkey actively participated in the Meeting.
The meeting was chaired by Dr. Mohammad Ebrahimi Seyedabadi, Direct-General of the Education and Training Department of APSCO. Around 40 delegates from APSCO Member States (MS) including the Program Management Board (PMB) members, the Program Management Team (PMT) members, the project leading universities and institutions, the Secretariat of APSCO and invited consultant, participated in this review activity.



A total of 46 (forty-six) SSS-1 CDR documents, 22 (twenty-two) SSS-2A CDR documents, and 20 (twenty) SSS-2B CDR documents were circulated by APSCO Secretariat and reviewed before the meeting by the PMB Members, the PMT Members, and the invited consultant, independently. By reviewing the required documents, in total, 688 (six hundred and eighty eight) Review Item Discrepancies (RIDs), raised by the members of the Review Board were sorted and all critical and major RIDs and their clarifications by the SSS-1, SSS-2A and SSS-2B teams were presented in detail during the meeting. Besides document review and discussion, the action plans for EM integrated test, frequency application and regulations, ground stations network, constellation-related issues and launch technical issues were discussed; most of the concerns were addressed through consultancy and exchange of views, and the future vision of the project was consolidated further by discussions and agreements of MSs. Furthermore, a technical visit to Beijing Tianlian Space Technology Company and the ground station in Beihang University was organized at the end of CDR meeting. Participants shared their views and discussed the technical issues related with ground station network.
The SSS Project activities will move forward based on the outcomes of the CDR Meeting and as a compendium to this meeting, the integrated EM testing of the satellites will be undertaken soon.



The Meeting was successfully concluded and the future action plan was agreed by all MSs. The closing ceremony was hosted by Dr. Ebrahimi, who reaffirmed the importance of the meeting, and thanked all participants for their efforts and supports during the meeting. The Secretary General of APSCO, Dr. Li Xinjun, was present at the closing ceremony and expressed his appreciation for the hard work and support of MSs. He also shared his best wishes to the success of SSS Project as this will be the source of motivation for cultivation innovation and creativity in the next generation. Dr. Li encouraged all MSs to participate further in SSS project activities as this will not only be beneficial for encouraging talents but will also give a way forward for co-operation among universities and MSs.



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