The Twelfth Administrative Heads Meeting of APSCO

The 12th Meeting of the Administrative Heads of APSCO was held on Sept2-4,2019 in Shanghai, China. The distinguished Administrative Heads and accompanied delegatesfrom Member States: Bangladesh, China, Iran, Mongolia, Pakistan, Peru, Thailand and Turkey, in all 29 participants attended the Meeting.

Dr. LI Xinjun, Secretary-General of APSCO, welcomed the delegates and introduced the recent changes in the Secretariat International Staff. Progress on implementation of decisions reached at its 12th Meeting of the APSCO Council was presented to the Meeting by the Acting Director-General Mr. Aziz Koru. In the subsequent sessions of the Meeting, respective Director-Generals of the Departments presented review reports of the activities of APSCO Departments and details on individual Agenda Items. Administration & Finance Department presented the planned budget for the next year, 2020. Member States, seriously and conscientiously participated and deliberated on the Agenda, in respective sessions, and a few proposals were brought up for discussion among Member States.

The Administrative Heads discussed all the Items on the Agenda of the Meeting and recommended those items for confirmation/approval of the APSCO Council, on which consensus was reached.



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