United Nations/ Turkey/ APSCO Conference on Space Law and Policy

Istanbul, Turkey, 23- 26 September 2019

The United Nations/ Turkey/ APSCO Conference on Space Law and Policy, hosted by the Government of Turkey and co-organized by Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO), TUBITAK Space Technologies Research Institute and Turkish Space Agency was successfully held this year from 23-26 September in Istanbul Turkey. The conference was attended by delegates from space agencies, governmental bodies, space law and policy experts, private sector representatives and researchers/students from academia involved in space activities. In total, around 160 participants from 45 countries and 5 international organizations attended the conference.

Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO), as the Multilateral Inter-Governmental Organization, provides a platform for cooperative activities and capacity building to Member States in the field of space law and policy. For this purpose, APSCO has two established Two ‘Exchange Platforms’: ‘APSCO International Symposium’ and ‘APSCO Space Law & Policy Forum’, organized alternately on biennial bases. This year, APSCO collaborated with UNOOSA to organize the Conference on Space Law and Policy in Istanbul. As the co-organizer of the event, APSCO provided sponsorship to 31 officials and experts from Member States and invited 6 international renowned space law experts, as the speakers, to actively contribute in the conference. 

The conference addressed important and contemporary topics such as: promoting responsible, peaceful and safe use of outer space, best practices in sharing remote sensing data, legal regime of outer space and global governance, long-term sustainability of outer space activities and strengthening capacity-building in space law and policy.

Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony of the Conference was held on 23 September at the ?stanbul Technical University (ITU) Ayaza?a Campus, Süleyman Demirel Cultural and Convention Center. The opening session was attended and addressed by Mr. Mehmet Fatih Kacir, Deputy Minister of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Industry and Technology, Mr. Niklas Hedman, Chief from UNOOSA, Dr. Li Xinjun, Secretary-General of APSCO, Dr. Alper Unal, Vice Rector of ?stanbul Technical University, Mr. Serdar Hüseyin Y?ld?r?m, President of Turkish Space Agency and Dr. Lokman Kuzu, Director of TUBITAK UZAY.  

On behalf of APSCO, Dr. Li Xinjun - Secretary-General of APSCO, welcomed all participants to the conference and emphasized on APSCO’s role, support and commitment to promote capacity building in space law and policy. He also mentioned about the dedicated training session on space law and policy, organized by APSCO back to back with the conference.


Delegates from APSCO Member States positively contributed to the conference by being speakers, moderators and rapporteurs. During this conference, not only knowledge and experience were shared through presentations and Q&A but also it provided a breakout group session to invite every participant to consider and discuss in space law and policy field. The results were concluded on the final day of the conference. The conclusions and recommendations of the conference shall help to further strengthen the resolve and capabilities of APSCO and its Member States and will promote the role of space law in the Asia-Pacific Region and space community.


Closing Ceremony

The Conference was concluded successfully with the closing ceremony on 26 September. The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) conveyed appreciation to APSCO, the Government of Turkey, TUBITAK Space Technologies Research Institute and Turkish Space Agency for the continuous support, hard work and dedication to organize this conference. All participants were also appreciated for their active contribution to the conference. 

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