APSCO Delegation Attended The 5th China International Commercial Aerospace Forum

The 5th China ( International) Commercial Aerospace Forum, the first professional forum in the field of commercial aerospace in China, was held in Wuhan, China on November 19-20, 2019.

The high-level delegates and representatives and experts from China and different countries attended this international event. Besides of Chinese speakers, there were speakers from different institutes and organisations from Russia, England, Sweden, Ukraine, Luxemburg, USA, Serbia, Italy, The Netherlands, Japan, Australia, Grece and France.

APSCO delegate, Dr. Ferhat Fikri ÖZEREN, Deputy Director-General, Department of Strategic Planning and Program Management, made a presentation in the Sub-Forum on “Aerospace Ecosphere” session. He gave a talk entitled “Cooperative Projects in Space Technology, Applications and Science at APSCO”. He emphasised the APSCO strategic networks which can fully take advantage of the vast geographical area of the Asia-Pacific to bring mutual benefit to its Members, through the resource pooling-up and openly sharing policy.

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