The First Expert Group Meeting on Feasibility Study of DSSP Application Projects was held in Beijing

9-11 December, 2019

Beijing, China

The First Expert Group Meeting on Feasibility Study of Data Sharing Service Platform (DSSP) Application Projects was held during 9-11, December, 2019 in HQ of APSCO in Beijing, China. The experts in total 23 delegates from eight Member States namely Bangladesh, China, Iran, Mongolia, Pakistan, Peru, Thailand and Turkey actively, participated in the Meeting.The meeting was chaired by Mr. Xu Yansong, Director-General of Program Operation and Data Service Department of APSCO.

Dr. Li Xinjun, Secretary General of APSCO, gave a welcome speech during the opening session. In the speech, Dr. Li mentioned that there are different types of application projects happening in countries and regions demanding distinctive attention. The application projects are an ideal window for Member States to the straightforward use of DSSP and a typical example of how to practically use satellite data for daily applications. APSCO Secretariat desire to take the full advantages of DSSP to share the available satellite data to benefit all the Member States through the application projects.

During this meeting, 11 proposals were introduced and discussed by all the Member States, involving the first batch of all 6 approved DSSP Application Projects submitted by China, Iran, Pakistan, Peru, Thailand and Turkey and the other 5 newly proposals submitted by Bangladesh and Mongolia. After an in-depth mentoring and discussion, all the experts reached a consensus comment on the minutes. 

In accordance with the minutes of the meeting, the Feasibility Study of all 6 proposals approved by APSCO Council were officially started to conduct. As for the newly proposals submitted from Bangladesh and Mongolia, shall be submitted to the upcoming Development Plan Meeting in 2020 and complete its due procedures. 

Besides, some of the experts even expressed their aspirations for implementing the project as early as possible by bringing forward their Feasibility Study Research (FSR), in order to make the full preparation for the FSR final review meeting.

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