Review Meeting on the Feasibility Study Report of the First Batch of DSSP Application Projects organized Virtually by APSCO

June 28, 2020

The “Review Meeting on the Feasibility Study Report of the First Batch of DSSP Application Projects” was organized by APSCO from 22-24 June, 2020 in Virtual Format. Six Review Teams, composed of 57 experts, from all Member States of APSCO namely: Bangladesh, China, Iran, Mongolia, Pakistan, Peru, Thailand and Turkey attended the six sessions of the meeting. 


Dr. Li Xinjun, Secretary General of APSCO, delivered welcome speech at the beginning of the meeting. He emphasized the importance of space applications and the intention of initiating DSSP application program. Dr. Li also expressed his sincere appreciation to the participants for their favorable supports and efforts on this program, especially during this worldwide challenging COVID-19 time.

Mr. Xu Yansong, Director General, Department of Program Operation and Data Service of APSCO chaired the opening ceremony and the meeting and Mr. Batbayar Vandansambuu, Deputy Director General, Department of Program Operation and Data Service of APSCO, co-chaired the meeting. Mr. Xu briefed to the participants that applications of space technology for the benefit of Member States, is one of the cornerstones of cooperative activities of APSCO. He further mentioned that to accelerate the data applications progress and maximize the space benefits for APSCO Member States, the methodology to implement DSSP application projects was proposed by the Secretariat and approved by APSCO Council.


During the meeting, six project initiators from the Member States presented the Feasibility Study of the proposed projects at the beginning of every session, which were as follow: 

Session I.  “Disaster Management System Development and Application Based on Wide Band Multispectral Remote Sensing Data” Project

Session II.  “Establishing and Operating Flood Monitoring and Warning System Using Satellite Imageries” Project

Session III.  “Mangrove Watch from Space”

Session IV.  “Spectral Characterization of Forest Cover for the Evaluation of Amazonian Ecosystems”

Session V.  “Air Pollution Assessment using Satellite Data: A Case Study of Greater Bangkok”

Session VI.  “Context-Based Satellite Imagery Search Engine (CoSISE)”

The review team members raised the comments on the related Feasibility Study Reports and all the questions were clarified by the project initiators. 

As conclusion of the meeting, the project initiators were required to update the Feasibility Study Reports based on the recommendations and comments of the participants during the meeting, and submit to APSCO Secretariat in due time. All Member States agreed to propose the updated Feasibility Study Reports of the first batch DSSP application projects to the upcoming Administrative Heads Meeting and the Council Meeting in 2020 for approval.

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