APSCO-SUPARCO Co-organized Distance Training Course on “Space Debris: Challenges & Mitigation Techniques”

The APSCO Secretariat and the Pakistan Space and Upper Atmospheric Research Commission (SUPARCO) jointly conducted the distance-training course on "Space Debris: Challenges and Mitigation Techniques" from 22 to 26 June 2020.

Engineer Ammar Hassan, from Pakistan, was appointed as lecturer by "SUPARCO" to give this distance training course. The following topics were covered during the training:

◆  Introduction to Space Debris Environment, 

◆  History of Space Debris, 

◆  Space Debris Tracking and Cataloging, 

◆  Space Debris Challenges, 

◆  Designing for the Debris Environment, 

◆  Space Debris Mitigation Techniques,

The distance training course lasted 06 hours and included a final quiz. In addition, in view of the time difference and for the convenience of the participants, two schedules were established for the development of the course (morning and evening). Sixty-six participants participated in the course from the following countries: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Mexico, Mongolia, Pakistan, Perú, Thailand and Turkey. 

At the end of the distance training course, which was successfully concluded, the participants appreciated the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and, above all, to interact with the lecturer and colleagues from different countries, thus contributing to the capacity building of APSCO Member States.  

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