Opening Ceremony of APSCO Seismic-Ionospheric Observation Application Platform SOAP and Team Building

The Opening Ceremony of the APSCO Seismic-Ionospheric Observation Application Platform (SOAP) and a technical visit for APSCO Staff was held on October 22 2020, at the National Institute of Natural Hazards, Ministry of Emergency Management of China (NINH, MEMC). The establishment of the SOAP will greatly benefit the Member States of APSCO in monitoring and mitigation of earthquake and related research areas.

After the opening ceremony, a technical visit to the facilities of National Institute of Natural Hazards (NINH) was arranged by the NINH team. During the visit, the NINH officials showed a dedicated lab created by NINH for APSCO SOAP project coordination. 

After the technical visit, a short team building activity was organized by APSCO Secretariat for APSCO staff, in order to improve the staff's team spirit. As part of team building activity, all APSCO Staff visited Beijing Yanqi Lake International Conference Center.

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