APSCO-CONIDA Distance Training on “Introduction to Satellite Power Systems”

The APSCO Secretariat and the Peruvian Space Agency (CONIDA), jointly conducted the Distance Training Course on "Introduction to Satellite Power Systems" during October 12-15, 2020. This course was of a basic level, directed especially to engineers, managers and university students who have basic knowledge in this field; which allowed them to update their knowledge to improve their performance in the educational, technical and administrative areas.

Sixty-nine (69) participants registered for the course from the following countries: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Mongolia, Pakistan, Peru, Sudan, Thailand, and Turkey. In view of the time difference and for the convenience of the participants, two schedules were established for the development of the course, (daytime schedule: 11:30-13:00 Hrs. China time; night schedule: 20:30-22:00 Hrs. China time) which allowed APSCO-CONIDA to repeat the course in night schedule, making a total of 8 sessions with 12 hours of classes. 

Capt. Eng. Juan Julca, from Peru, was appointed as lecturer by "CONIDA" to give this distance training course. The training course covered the following topics: 

  - Power System Design Drivers

  - Solar Array Technology and Sizing

  - Battery Technology and Sizing

  - Power Electronics and Common Topologies

  - Protection Logics

At the end of the course, each participant received all the information used during the sessions through a web address of the videos of all the classes of the course. The lecturer and participants were grateful to APSCO and CONIDA for a productive and successful training which provided them opportunity to update their knowledge and interact with professionals and students in the related fields. 

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