APSCO-TUA Successfully Organized Distance Training on“Patched Three Body Approximation”

The APSCO Secretariat and the Turkish Space Agency (TUA), jointly conducted the Distance Training Course on "Patched three Body Approximation" during October 26-30, 2020.

The course was developed taking into account the designs of interplanetary or lunar missions; in general, it involved an analysis of the trajectory using the patch cone approach based on the problem of the two bodies of a celestial body and a spacecraft. The course mainly focused on novel dynamic effects of the three-body problem that can be used to design low energy trajectories that provide more flexibility and capacity in the design of space missions. 

Professor Tahsin Çağrı Şişman, from Turkey, was appointed as lecturer by "TUA" to conduct this distance training course.


An online platform was used for the execution of the distance training course, through which all the activities were carried out. Also, using the same online platform, the participants received the assigned work, exchanged information and had interactive question and answer session. The videos of the course were also provided to all participants through a web address.

In view of the time difference and for the convenience of the participants, two schedules were established for the development of the course (Morning and Evening Schedule), which allowed APSCO-TUA to repeat the course in night schedule, making a total of 8 sessions with 12 hours of classes. 

Overall, fifty-four (54) participants attended the course from following ten (10) countries: Bangladesh, Gambia, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Mongolia, Pakistan, Peru, Senegal and Turkey. The participants of the course were grateful to the APSCO and TUA for providing them the opportunity to attend and acquire new knowledge in such an important area as the dynamic effects of the problem of the three bodies, which is very beneficial for the design of space missions, both for the academic work and for the professionals working in satellite development related fields. 

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