APSCO Distance Training on “Satellite Constellations”

The APSCO Secretariat conducted the Distance Training Course on "Satellite Constellations" during December 09-10, 2020.

The course on "Satellite Constellations" focused on showing the participants how a satellite constellation is designed, emphasizing the teaching of the basic concepts, providing them with all the relevant information to be able to carry out this process. 

The course was divided into two parts, the first part was offline, in which all participants received a three-hour video with the concepts and basic information needed to take the course online. The second part was online, information was exchanged through the platform's chat, there was a question and answer session and the course recordings were sent to all participants.

In the last part of the course, there was a practical session in which the task was to design a communications constellation for the APSCO Member States. 

One hundred and fifteen (115) participants registered for the course who came from 12 countries.

Mr. Shahrokh Zohrabzadeh Bozorgi from Iran, was appointed as lecturer to give this distance training course, where the following points were developed:


Section1: Introduction to Constellations




Characteristics and attributes

Section 2: Designing a constellation

Coverage analysis (the concept of street of coverage)

Constellation pattern design (star, delta, hybrid, etc.)

Examples of satellite constellations (details of famous constellations)


Review of the offline content


Constellation design project

At the end of the course, which was successfully conducted, there was a farewell speech in which the collaboration of the co-organizer and the presence of the attendees was appreciated. The participants were also grateful for the opportunity that allowed them to actualize their knowledge in the design of satellite constellations, emphasizing that the course was very beneficial for the students and professionals of the APSCO Member States.

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