APSCO Organized the 2nd Development Plan Committee Meeting

The 2nd APSCO Development Plan Committee Meeting was held during 5-9, 12, and 15 July, 2021 via teleconference. The APSCO Development Plan Committee Members and experts from all Member States participated in the meeting. 

Ms. Yu Qi, Secretary-General of APSCO, delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the Secretariat. She highlighted the importance of consolidating mechanism to facilitate the implementation of cooperative projects and fulfil the requirements of Member States to bring mutual benefits to all. She also introduced the new Deputy Secretary-General of APSCO, Dr. Ferhat Fikri Ozeren, to all participants at the opening session. 

Dr. Manop Aorpimai, Director-General, Department of SP&PM of APSCO, the Chairman of the Development Plan Committee, presented “the Draft APSCO Project Implementation Plan (2021-2025)” and “the Draft Amendment Rules on Cooperative Activities of APSCO” to the Committee Members and participants.  The draft was prepared Based on inputs and comments received from Member States after the DPC Workshop, held earlier in April, 2021. The two documents were thoroughly reviewed and discussed by all participants during the meeting.

The detailed project proposals listed in the current 10-Year development plan, as well as new projects proposals were presented by project initiators from Member States, in the domains of Space Technology Development, Space Science, Space Technology Application, DSSP Application and Space Education Development. After presentation and Q&A session, the projects evaluation and scoring were conducted by the Development Plan Committee. The projects were selected and listed in the draft Project Implementation Plan (2021-2025) with timeframe and their budget requirements.

With great endeavors and cooperation of Development Plan Committee Members and experts from all Member States, the two draft documents, namely, “APSCO Project Implementation Plan (2021-2025)” and “Amendment of Rules on Cooperative Activities of APSCO” were consolidated, which shall further be presented to the  Administrative Heads Meeting in September.


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