APSCO Conducted Distance Training on “Space Photometry”

The Secretariat of APSCO and the Turkish Space Agency (TUA) jointly organized the Distance Training Course on "Space Photometry", during 6-10 September, 2021. Dr. Ferhat Fikri ÖZEREN, Deputy Secretary-General of APSCO, delivered welcome speech at the start of the training course. He sincerely appreciated all the lecturers and participants for their diligent efforts and great support. 


The training course was vividly presented by lecturers Dr. Cenk Kayhan, Dr. Mustafa Kürşad Yıldız, and Associate Prof. Ahmet Dervişoğlu of Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences, Science Faculty, Erciyes University, on following contents: 

Space Photometric Analysis in Terms of Kepler/K2 and TESS Missions

- Essential data reduction of Kepler/K2 and TESS

- Photometric analysis of data: time series analysis

- Scientific applications examples

Very Pragmatic Introduction of Bayesian Inference: Modelling the Planet Transits

- Recent and upcoming space photometry missions

- Simple metropolis

- Let's model the transits

Space Photometry of Extended Sources

- Challenges of space-based photometry in UV

- High-quality background image

- The effect of PSF for the GALEX

The space-photometry offers data with incomparable sensitivity (or precision) from data that are taken from ground-based photometry. This training aimed at transfering know-how on the reduction and analyses of the photometric data predominantly coming from recent space missions. In the last decade, the discovery of exo-planets showed the necessity of precise photometry which led to lots of new and upcoming missions from space.


The training consisted of 10 sessions, with 15 hours of lectures. To offset the impact on different time zones, the lectures were carried out in two schedules of live streams for APSCO Member States. In total, 64 participants from 8 countries showed fondness and registered for the training course. The training possessed adequate reference materials and operational assignments, combining with essential science technologies and hands-on practice. Informative input from lecturer team was timely shared with all participants during the training.

The Distance Training Course on “Space Photometry” was successfully accomplished, with all hard work and contribution from the lecturers, participants, and organizers. Participants highly appreciated the lecturers and organizers for providing the opportunity to access this beneficial training. 

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