APSCO Satellites SSS-1 and SSS-2A successfully launched into orbit

APSCO successfully launched its two satellites, named as SSS-1 and SSS-2A, on 14 October, 2021 at 18:51 Beijing Time. The satellites were launched into orbit by LM-2D rocket from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in China. The satellites successfully entered the predetermined orbit and the launch mission was a complete success. 

SSS-1 and SSS-2A satellites are jointly designed and developed by APSCO Member States under the APSCO Student Small Satellite (SSS) Project which is one of the important training programs of APSCO aiming to promote the hands-on training for students and faculties of the Member States. SSS-1 is a 30kg micro-satellite and SSS-2A is a 4kg 3U CubeSat. For each satellite, basic function of the satellite platform and performance of payloads will be verified, individually. As, a satellites’ constellation, tasks such as inter-satellite communication are planned to be demonstrated. 

APSCO Member States will continue to jointly work together during the operation phase, in order to enhance the cooperation and training achievement.

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