Space Segment Network and Interconnection of Ground Systems

The APSCO Joint Small Multi-Mission Satellite (SMMS) Constellation is a Flagship Cooperative Program of APSCO. The system is planned to provide a space-based network for enhanced spectral range, resolution and revisit frequency Earth-observation system for APSCO Member States. The constellation comprises of 2+6+X satellites, namely, two jointly developed remote-sensing spacecrafts - one Hyper-Spectral and one Hi-Resolution Satellite, Six Nano/Micro Satellites in Low-Earth Orbit for responsive data communication, and X Satellites are open for APSCO Member States to bring their space assets to join the constellation and share the resources. Currently, there are three satellites from China, namely, GF-1, GF-2 and CBERSE-04, are already part of the constellation. Thailand, Iran and Pakistan have shown their willingness to bring their satellites to join the swarm. Once in full operation, the SMMS Constellation will serve as a sustainable Earth-observation system for APSCO Member States.

The Contract Signing Ceremony between APSCO and CNSA on SMMS

                         Constellation Program on November 27th, 2017at Headquarters of APSCO in Beijing, China.

On the ground, APSCO Ground Station Network is for enhancing data retrieving opportunity, data accessibility and space asset manageability. The network is an integration of the existing, well-established ground station system in China with other upgraded/newly built stations in other Member States. In parallel, the network for shared Space Development Infrastructure which includes the Assembly, Integration and Test (AIT) facility, will play a central role to support space capacity building, experiences, know-how sharing, and hands-on technology transfer among APSCO Member States.

The feasibility study of the SMMS Constellation Program, the combination of the previously approved projects, i.e. APSCO Applied High-Resolution Satellite (APRS) Project and the SMMS Project, was approved by the Ninth Council Meeting in 2015. Its Preliminary Mission Definition and Design Phase (Phase B) was approved for implementation as a Basic Activity under the leadership of China. The project is now under implementation. The project Joint Working Group comprising of experts from all APSCO Member States was formed. The project kickoff meeting was conducted in June, 2016. Three Intermediate Progress Review Meetings were organized in China, and two technical training courses were delivered by the Project Lead. Meantime, on the ground segment of the program, hosting site survey of ground facilities in the Member States have been carried out for preparation of either newly built or upgraded facilities for the inter-connected ground system.

                             Group Photo of Participants to the SMMS Constellation Program Meeting during Technical Visit

at the 2016 Zhuhai Air Show, China

    Secretary-General of APSCO Giving a Welcome Speech during

                         the Opening Session of the Intermediate Progress Review Meeting of SMMS Program

Potential Applications of SMMS Constellation Program Proposed by APSCO Member States

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