Space Segment Network and Interconnection of Ground Systems

Space Segment Network and Interconnection of Ground Systems. The APSCO Joint Small Multi-Mission Satellites (SMMS) Constellation Program is an ideal platform to have maximal benefits from space segments and ground receiving stations within the Member States on shared basis. Through SMMS constellation program existing space segment of Member States will form a constellation and provide opportunity to receive satellite data for all participating countries with their own ground station. The program also plans to have eight new satellites within the constellation. The main features of this project are:

  • Increase space capacity, and improve sharing service and quick response capability

  • Enhance the spectral range, resolution and revisit of Earth observation

  • China, is participating in the constellation with three in-orbit satellites: GF-1A. HJ- 9-A and CBERS-04 and Pakistan, Peru and Turkey will join with three operating/developing satellites

  • 1 Hyperspectral and 1 High-resolution Earth-observation satellites would be newly developed

  • 6 Nano/Micro-satellites for comprehensive data communication would be developed

  • In parallel with the system definition and design phase, 4 application pilot projects will be implemented using the data of three Chinese satellites:

          · Agriculture and Forestry
          · Mineral Resource Surveying
          · Marine Environmental Monitoring
            Navigation Safety and Comprehensive Service Applications

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