APSCO Space Law and Policy Forum

APSCO contributes to building capacity in the field of spacelaw and policy, in its Member States and, has been biennially organizing “Space Law and Policy Forum” since2011, as part of its two knowledge-exchange platforms.


  •         Build institutional capacity for space governancein the Member States;


  • Promote the spirit of co-operation at regionaland inter-regional level as enshrined in the United Nations treaties on  outer  space,principles, resolutions, and other instruments of international space law;


  •         Create awareness for protecting space environment,contributing to long-term sustainability of outer space activities;

  •         To promote exchange of information onnational space legislation and policies;

  •        To coordinate university-level studies and programsin space law, with a view to promoting national expertise and capacity in this field.

These Workshops and Forums provide a unique knowledge-sharing platform for the executives at the national space agencies and space authorities in the Member States of APSCO, to learn from each other’s experiences and create a common understanding on the legal and policy challenges confronting the outer-space environment and provide a chance to share the development of their national space laws, new national space legislation, and development in Space policies.

Space Law & Policy Workshops


November, 2009
Role of International Space Law in the Development and Strengthening of International and Regional   Cooperation in the  Peaceful Exploration and Use of Outer Space

Activities of States in Outer Space in Light of New Devekopment: Meeting International Responsibilities and Establishing   National Legal and Policy Framework

November, 2014
The Role of National  Space Legislation in Strengthening the Rule of Law

Space Law & Policy Forums

June 2012Beijing, China
June 2013Beijing, China
September 2015Beijing, China
July 2017Harbin, China

Space Law & Policy Conference

23-26 September,2019Istanbul, Turkey

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